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eat that frog: the key to less procrastination and more productivity

Eat That Frog: The Key To Less Procrastination and More Productivity

15/04/21 Best Practices General

We have all been there with pages of to do lists and tasks coming out of our ears, yet we chose to sit there and struggle to move forward with any of it. Instead we aimlessly procrastinate, make more lists...
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the art of brilliant speaking

How to Own the Room, Women and the Art of Brilliant Speaking

11/03/21 General Best Practices

With International Women’s Day just behind us, I couldn’t think of a better time to delve into How to Own the Room by Viv Groskop a British Journalist who explores the power when women find their voice.  Exploring history’s great...
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he six step ‘miracle morning’ aimed to transform your day.

The six step ‘Miracle Morning’ aimed to transform your day.

01/02/21 General Best Practices

For many of us, working from home has definitely become the new normal. Even though there are many benefits, such as spending more time with furry friends and avoiding the evening commute, one thing that I’ve personally struggled with is...
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shutterstock 745932934 scaled 1

The importance of training your teams

04/11/20 General

Training options for your teams are now more accessible than ever before with online access to high-quality courses that are guaranteed to increase skill sets and improve your team’s knowledge base. Training is a key element to any team’s personal...
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Project Scoping and Planning: Our Processes

10/09/20 Best Practices Web Design Web Development

Managing UX and Development projects effectively is key to any successful project. You need to ensure that you provide your client with exactly what they want and need, and you need to do this in an efficient way. Through experience,...
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Introducing Grace, Embryo’s New Project Manager!

25/08/20 News

With eight years in the industry and six years as an established project manager, the team here at Embryo Digital is incredibly excited to introduce Grace Nolan as our new project manager! Having worked at several Manchester-based digital marketing agencies...
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ai software

Why this is the very most exciting time in all of human history…to work in a B2B business

10/08/20 Innovation

From just about right now, until 2030 (and well beyond), the world will see an age of innovation that dwarfs efforts and innovations the previous 30 years. The reasons why are laid out in this document. In fact, the decade...
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attention please

ROAS is the number one, Numero uno, the ONLY marketing metric you need to know.

13/07/20 Digital Marketing Social PPC

Now the previous statement may not be completely true. But ROAS is still very important. As a business owner you are hit with many marketing terms. CTR, reach, engagement, to name a few. All of these metrics have meaning but...
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content meme

Does a web page have to have long form content to give useful answers to a query?

25/06/20 SEO Content

Not always, no. For example, what if you are searching for the name of a CEO of a company. Do you need to know her life story, when a name is all that you are after? I’m personally very fond...
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shutterstock 1089826724

Pride and The Pandemic

24/06/20 News Research General

Around the world, the pandemic is having a disproportionate effect on LGBTQI+ people who have been historically discriminated against in their access to healthcare, housing and employment. Various events are held across the globe during the month of June, The...
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