5 Examples Of Brands Nailing Their Email Marketing

brands nailing their email marketing

‘Is email marketing dead?’ is a blog title or LinkedIn post I often read amongst the digital marketing community. It’s a valid question in the post GDPR age, where huge amounts of time and effort need to be put into building customer lists and creating a brand that people genuinely want to hear from. But, when done properly, it’s a hugely valuable channel that can turn your ‘maybe laters’ into ‘yes please’.

As someone with 41,112 unread emails in my personal email inbox, you’d likely think that all of the companies emailing me are wasting their time. But there are a few brands that always manage to slip into my ‘focused’ inbox every single time, because they are doing email marketing in the right way. And for those brands, I am a very loyal customer.

With email marketing, you can bring your brand, your products and your news to the forefront of someone’s mind on a weekly basis, for a fraction of the cost of many other channels. Well curated email marketing is invaluable for making your potential and past customers choose you over your competitors when the time comes. Below are some fantastic examples of email marketing from brands that always manage to make me spend my money.

Dancing Leopard

Our lovely clients over at Dancing Leopard know exactly why their customers buy their clothes. They focus on where you can wear their clothes to – the parties, the BBQ’s, the sunny days – selling a feeling, rather than a specific item. They paint vivid and emotional pictures of the types of events you can wear the clothes to, as well as using amazing photography, gifs, and annotations to show the details in their clothes.


dancing leopard email gif 1

Their emails are as beautiful as their dresses, and are a real delight to consume when they drop into your inbox.


chrome capture

They also have clever reminders set up when they know you’ve been looking longingly at an item but then haven’t checked out. YES it really did catch my eye and I’ll be back for you La Palma Maxi, I promise!

screenshot 2021 06 15 13.06.39

Bloom & Wild

Here I go again, harping on about Bloom & Wild. Well, they deserve it. If you want another example of email marketing done right, look no further. This letterbox flowers company use timely emails at key events such as Mother’s Day & Father’s Day, as well as sending some very well copy written emails around the ‘just because’ gifts. They also have great automated emails set up to remind you of the times you’ve sent flowers to your loved ones in the past. Their use of discount codes are spot on, always using time incentives alongside the discounts to create a sense of urgency. As with everything with Bloom & Wild, the copywriting is absolutely perfect.

screenshot 2021 06 15 11.23.46

The Marketing Meetup

Joe from The Marketing Meetup puts a smile on my face every time I open one of his weekly emails. I often screenshot his intro sentences and send them to my colleagues – and what better marketing for the brand is that? Opening his emails and getting called an ‘underdog who eventually gets the trophy’, a ‘satisfying and fulfilling series finale’ and my recent favourite, a ‘reunion of a much loved canned laughter based sitcom’, means that I will always open his emails regardless of how busy I am.

screenshot 2021 06 14 11.37.15

If you didn’t know that you were about to get the best compliment of your day, the subject lines do a very persuasive job of getting you to open the email.

screenshot 2021 06 15 12.33.23


The rest of the content also adds genuine value – I always benefit from taking the time to read them. The tone of voice in the emails (which is supported by how lovely Joe is when hosting his webinars) make you feel like he’s your mate rather than a person you don’t know. I think I would definitely start chatting away to him if I bumped into him in the supermarket, completely forgetting that he has no idea who I am.


I must admit, it’s not very hard to persuade me to get a takeaway. But, in a very saturated market, deliveroo stands out from the likes of their competitors JustEat & UberEats with excellent email marketing to tempt you to get that late night snack. The emails are timely, with great offers, good imagery and they always manage to hit your inbox when you’re starving and bored of everything in your fridge.

screenshot 2021 06 15 12.36.53


Pizza Express

When talking to clients about email marketing, I always use Pizza Express as an example of nailing their Birthday emails. There was a point in my life where every year, around my birthday, me and some friends would go for a Romana Padana. I’m not even a massive fan of the restaurant, and that was probably the only time in the year I went. Why, you may ask? Because I get free Prosecco!

chrome capture 1

There are hundreds of pizza restaurants to choose from, and this is one of the ways Pizza Express ensure that they will get people who love a freebie (which is surely all people) through the doors at least once a year. It also is a great call to action to encourage more people to sign up to your email list.

screenshot 2021 06 15 12.55.20

Whose emails always get you, hook line and sinker? I’ve always got room in my inbox for great emails – share your favourites with me!