10 Organic Social Media Ideas That Are Sure To Drive Engagement

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When it comes to the time of the month to create your organic social media strategy, it can sometimes be difficult to beat the dreaded writer’s block. We all know that social content needs to be exciting, new, something that will grab the attention of your audience and drive engagement, something which is often easier said than done!


There are a few things you can do when coming up with organic content. Some quick wins that can spark inspiration are:

  • Take a look at what has worked in the past for you – if your audience liked it before they will probably like a similar post again.
  • Keep an eye on your competitors –  if you know of a business that is killing it on social, take a leaf out of their book and see how you can create similar content for your business.
  • Run a competition –  if you’re looking for a quick win in terms of boosting your engagement, it may be worth running a competition across your social channels. However, in order for the engagement and new followers to be beneficial and within your target audience, make sure your prize is related to your business, target audience or industry!

If your content calendar is still looking rather blank, take a look at these organic social media content ideas. Tried, tested and sure to drive engagement.


1. Put the spotlight on your customers


User-generated content has always been a great way to not only showcase your business but to also show your loyal customers some love. It’s a subtle way of pushing your products without being too advertise-y and gives your fans a moment to feel proud or special –  what’s not to love.


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2. Tap into a trend


Whether you try out the latest TikTok trend, post about a trending Netflix series or add commentary to the Met Gala red carpet looks, jumping on a trend can be a great way to take the pressure of creating something brand new away whilst still driving engagement. As long as you know your audience well, listen to and follow their interests, you can easily put together content that can drive a conversation around topics that they are passionate about. 


It can also be quite refreshing from a feed point of view, that all your content isn’t pushing your products. It allows your audience to connect with you better knowing that you have similar interests.


Missguided for example, are great at jumping on the trends that occur within their target audience’s lives to drive engagement and get the conversation flowing.

3. Repurpose your content


Remember that blog you ran last month that did really well, why not turn it into a series of Instagram posts or tweets. By taking a couple of key quotes from a blog post or a short clip of a video you created, you can create brand new content that you can use again and again to engage your audience.  Host a live Q&A on a blog you wrote, repost Instagram photos as a monthly round-up or a seasonal collection carousel. 


When you just share an amazing piece of work once,  on one platform, you’re missing an opportunity to reach audiences who are following you elsewhere. This isn’t to say you should simply copy and paste, but sometimes thinking outside the box can lead to another great bit of content.


4. Share a reading list or a playlist


Putting together a reading list, watch list or playlist is a great way to not only showcase your business and your employees’  interests, but it also allows your followers to gain an insight into your world – after all your taste can say a lot about you.

A holiday reading list, monthly watch list or a collection of your favourite albums can give you the opportunity to shout out some of your employees and their recommendations as well as maybe sparking some discussion and other recommendations in the comment section. For example, here at Embryo, in celebration of ‘National Read A Book Day,’  we put together our own book recommendations.


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5. Tease a new release


Got something exciting in the pipeline, don’t keep it a secret, get a buzz going by sharing a sneak preview. The sooner you can get the word out about a new exciting product or collection, the bigger the buzz around it.


Build suspense and keep your audience guessing with a mysterious trailer, an on-set photo or a cropped or close-up shot.


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6. Teach your audience with a ‘How To’ guide


If you’re recently launched a new product or if you find you get a lot of the same questions asked, It would be worth creating a how-to guide, this could be in the form of a blog, a video or even a live demonstration. 


An educational or inspirational video like this where you can not only showcase your knowledge but can help your customers will also help to build their confidence and trust towards your business. For more ideas on creating video content, take a look at our other blog 5 Video Ideas To Help You Adapt To Instagram’s Latest Update 


7. Brag about your success

Every once in a while, it’s fine to have a little shout about how good you are. If you’ve recently won an award, sold out a product in record time, or even got a great review, make sure you go to town on social and tell people about it.


Sharing your success can be great for attracting new customers as well as increasing trust in your business


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8. Ask the audience


Creating a poll on Twitter is an easy way to drive engagement. You can find out so much about your target audience whilst delivering content your followers are bound to interact with. You can use them to ask your followers about what they want to see in the next collection or what their favourite product is, or you can use them to connect with your audience. You can essentially ask anything, jumping on a trend, ask what they’re doing over the weekend, whether they prefer vanilla or chocolate ice cream… the possibilities are endless!


9. Share some inspiration


If you’re really running out of content ideas (we’ve all been there!) You can always share an inspirational quote.

Well, there is never a shortage of inspirational quotes online. A quick Google search for inspirational quotes will show you a huge selection, just find one that’s relevant to your brand, industry, or marketing strategy, make it look nice and post! It’s that simple, and as long as you don’t bombard your followers with quotes, they can be great for engagement.

10. Behind the Scenes


Your social media channels are the perfect place to post videos or photos that show off the inner workings of your company. Give your followers a sneak peek into the day to day workings of your business. Take them behind the scenes of a photoshoot via Instagram Stories, take them to an event via Reels or show them the day in the life of an employee with an employee takeover on Twitter.  Behind the scenes, content allows a more unpolished, look of your business which your audience will find really easy to connect with.


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If you’re looking for help with your organic social strategy, paid social or even other avenues such as Pinterest ads, get in touch! We’ve got plenty more ideas where they came from and we’d love to hear from you!